Robot Solutions

Relocation or automation?
More and more businesses are now genuinely prepared to invest in greater automation as an alternative to following the dictates of globalisation and relocating production to countries where labour is cheaper.

In the food industry there are many work processes that can be carried out faster and more precisely using robot technology.  The cost of industrial robots has fallen by 30-40% over the last 10 years, while development has made them much more flexible.  Buyers are getting increasingly advanced software, which increases the number of possible applications or makes the robots easier to operate and program without adding to the cost.  This means that flexible, intelligent robot cells can quickly be switched to other tasks, making it more advantageous for many businesses to automate production rather than moving it abroad.

We build all the processing plant
H.C. Jensens Maskinfabrik is very experienced when it comes to building processing plant especially for the food industry, which is now using robot technology to reduce processing times too.

Improve your competitiveness with flexible robot technology.  We take care of the whole process from the raw materials to the finished product, packed and on pallets.

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